Another DTV update

// September 10th, 2007 // fun

For those of us eagerly waiting our new HD channels, EngadgetHD is reporting that the 19th could be the target date. A tiny little nine day wait for us…it’s been this long, what is nine more days?

On the same topic, a picture has surfaced of the new channels, which ones you get with which package you have and so forth. In the picture is an area saying “HD Extra Pack”, which is something new. It appears that it will be an extra charge, even though we currently get three of the channels listed there (HDNet, HDNet Movies and UHD). HOWEVER, those of us that already get them will be “grandfathered” in I’m told.

It does appear that some of the channels will only be available under the Family plan, or Extra plan, so I personally wont get all of them. The only ones I care about would be the National Geographic and HGTV ones. Jina loves HGTV.

Anyways, check out the channel lineup and tell me what you think.

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