#1 – Eat at the Four Peaks Brewery

// October 1st, 2007 // family

I didn’t start or plan to do anything on this 101 things to do list in the correct order, but this weekend, #1 went down with a hearty swig.

The interesting thing is that #2 will likely be the next to fall.

Yes, I finally took Jina to the Four Peaks Brewery this weekend, specifically Saturday night.I had discovered the wonderful beer that is called Kiltlifter a few years ago, and I wish I knew who gave me my first one so I could thank them.

I didn’t know right away but the beer is locally brewed here at Four Peaks which I found awesome. And it was even longer before I knew that their Tempe brewery was also a restaurant and a good one at that. Once I found that out, I had to go. But it took awhile to find the time or to even remember that there are places to eat that exist further than the four mile radius from my house.

So we ate there and what a great place it was. Built in an old warehouse from the late 1800′s that was a creamery I think, the atmosphere was awesome. Local ASU fans were cheering and whooping it up. The Kiltlifter was yummy. The bacon cheeseburger was perfect. Jina’s chicken fingers were uniquely made and ultimately delicious. Our waiter’s head was someplace else, but he was funny and gave us a free 8th Street Ale.

I didn’t even know there was an 8th street that went between Rural and McClintock, but there is and that’s where you’ll find Four Peaks.

Can’t wait to go back.

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  2. nicky says:

    what a great place! you know what makes me love it even more? it’s run by vikings fans and is the fan place to watch games on sundays :) adrian and i are planning to go there one sunday morning!

  3. Scott says:

    Glad to hear it was all it should be…and since they make Kiltlifter, it almost had to be good. :-)

    So did you come home with the T-shirt, mug, or both?

  4. Mike says:

    Ugh, by Vikings fans?

    SPeaking of Vikings fans, how did you like Brett Favre getting the record yesterday? Must have been a special moment for you :)

    No shirt yet Scott, next time we’ll all go and get one!

  5. nicky says:

    Don’t be mean Mike! Out of everyone, I thought you’d sympathize with being a die hard fan of a stinky team for years and years. :) (And yes, it was awful, I don’t care if Fav-rah is a nice guy, he ruins everything)

  6. Mike says:

    Yeah, but the Vikings haven’t been anywhere close to “stinky” like the Cards :)

    And I love Favre, that was an awesome record for him to get…

    Go Cards!

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