Lyla and parents make it to week 3

// December 14th, 2008 // family

Lyla turned 3 weeks old Saturday night, while her parents seemed to have aged twice as much in the same amount of time.

I’m being dramatic. Actually, this past week was heaps easier than the previous one. Only a few times was she really fussy during the night, which means crying and sometimes screaming. That was commonplace in week 2, but now it seems to be going away. At least, for now.

If she is up at night, it’s mostly just her being gassy and fidgety. Not a ton of crying, just wiggling and keeping mommy up.

She has a busy week as well, taking multiple trips in the car where she appears to love to sleep. Most of the time anyways. Sunday morning, Lyla and church proved to not all agree with each other. But the other times, she’s been an angel. Jina and I hit the Santan Mall Saturday night, shopping for some baby clothes and then having a nice little dinner at the food court.

She slept the whole time and gave us a chance to hang out and do a bit of what we used to do on the weekends.

Earlier in the week, we went back to Joe’s Farm Grill with our lifegroup to enjoy dinner together, and that was another great time out. Was a lot of fun to show the place to our friends who hadn’t been there yet, plus just hang out and chat.

Nicky wrote about the night on her blog too.

Jina even took her to ASU mid-week and showed her off at work.

So things are definitely a bit easier right now. There are still those nights when we don’t get a lot of sleep, Jina especially, which is always tough. But Jina is getting used to it big time. It’s hard, but it doesn’t bother her as much now. It’s now more of a routine for her.

If anything, I haven’t adjusted too well because during the week I get more sleep due to work, then on the weekends I try to do what I can to let Jina rest. So the up and down messes me up, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Saturday morning was a lot of fun for me though. Jina went out with the girls to eat breakfast and get their nails done, leaving me at home with Lyla all to myself. The previous day, our Lifegroup decided to help out a family in need that our church linked us to, so Tyler had an old laptop we decided to give to them.

With the girls gone, Tyler brought the laptop over so we could work on it, reformat it and make it useful for the kids. Adrian had a version of XP we could use for free, so he brought it over and hung out for a bit. So we had three dads, three kids and we even made breakfast.

For us, not the kids. Pancakes, eggs, turkey bacon…it was quite a feast.

It was fun for me because for about three hours, Lyla was in my hands. I changed her, fed her, let her fall asleep on my shoulder and put her back down to sleep. I haven’t had a whole lot of time just me and her (meaning, no mommy around), so being able to survive and take care of her all on my own was rewarding.

Last Sunday my brother Jason came over with his girlfriend Jennifer and her boy Ryan, so that was fun. He bought Lyla a little onesie outfit she can wear when she’s a little bigger. I had feared the onesie would be something with “Megadeath” or “Metallic” plastered across the front, but he went a bit tamer and got her one with a “Guns & Roses: Sweet Child O’ Mine” design. Check it out (I love it!) to the right!

It’s not pink, but it will work :)

There wasn’t much else that happened. A wonderful woman from church named Kathy Trainor brought us dinner on Wednesday night, and that was absolutely delicious. We thank her for that!

We also skipped out on the Snow Patrol concert that we planned to go to, mostly because I got a little sick early in the week and ended up just sleeping as much as I could.

However, we ARE getting a sitter for Monday night so Jina and I can go to the Phoenix Suns versus New York Knicks game. Our other friend Kathy Wild will be babysitting for us and was also the one who floated us these awesome tickets. Row 8 in the lower level.

I mean…wow. Mike D’Antoni…the Knicks…the matchup against his former team…the addition of Jason Richardson…yikes, too much fun!

So that’s it for this week…make sure to check out the photo album for week 3!

5 Responses to “Lyla and parents make it to week 3”

  1. Crist Zbella says:

    My oh my – she is just beautiful – almost makes me want to have another! Almost!!! Love the onesie.

  2. I'm sure Jina will be excited that Exorcist Baby looks like her :)

    I still have no idea who she looks like…she just looks like Lyla!

  3. Marlayna says:

    I'm so glad things are starting to settle down for you guys. It is such an adjustment. I think it is so great that you are getting back out in to life and just adding Lyla to the things you love to do. The picture of her, the one you said exorcist…. that is the first picture I have seen where I think her face looks just like Jina, I have always thought she looked just like you.

  4. Josie says:

    "I'm sure Jina will be excited that Exorcist Baby looks like her :) "
    LOL – that's good stuff right there. :P

    I'm sure that exorcist one is still adorable. hehe

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