Lyla’s little photoshoot

// December 8th, 2008 // family

Many of you remember the photoshoot we did last year to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. They were absolutely amazing and Melissa Jill is a fantastic photographer.

So when Misty Michelle from church asked us to help her test out a new setting for her that she wanted to do for newborn photoshoots, we of course jumped at the chance.

I had seen her blog and website already many months ago, and just recently she did some pictures for our friends Tyler and Sara.  We met her last Tuesday night as well when she took some photographs of Sara during a very special night for her.

She saw Lyla and then later in the week she emailed us to ask if we could help her out. And we did.

Below are some of my favorite shots, and you can see the rest of them by visiting the album in my Photos section of this blog.

And yes, Misty is available to take pictures of your family too. I highly recommend her and encourage you to get some of these kind of photos for your family, because they really are amazing. Visit her site and look into it!

Thank you Misty!

Lyla is soooooo cute in this photo and Jina looks amazing.

I love this one as well

So precious. Thanks Misty!

Love those little feet

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  1. Kate Jones says:

    Sooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them! I want a copy when you guys get prints. Please. xoxo

  2. We can probably order you some if you want…or I can send you the ones I have with the logo and you can use that.

  3. Cristihugs says:

    Omgosh – absolutely BEAUTIFUL. So precious! Lyla is so tiny & delicate! Jina doesn't look like she just gave birth ~ she looks beautiful. Mike, you have 2 beutiful ladies in your life ~ you're a lucky young man! Congrats. Oh, and I did see your anniversary pictures… your mom sent me the link and I actually saved it — the most beautiful, relaxed pictures of a husband & wife. I loved them!

    PS: I see you added me on Facebook — I am slooooowly learning how to navigate thru FB – I'm more comfy on MySpace. LOL

  4. beautiful…The Olbinski's do good work (with a little help from God :) ) …and Misty Michelle is an expert at capturing it!

  5. Olbinski Matriarch says:

    These are the most beautiful pictures I have seen. Don't let her get any bigger until I see you guys at Christmas.

  6. [...] Last week she got together with a bunch of girls from church and they all had lunch. Misty Michelle was one of them, and you might remember her from the photos she took of us and Lyla soon after she was born. [...]

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