The completed weather station

// January 8th, 2009 // family

Those you waiting with baited breath to see the final product can relax. It’s done. The Weather Station is installed and working as intended.

Although we’ll see how long it stays where it is…the bigger my trees get, the more likely this thing will have to move across to the other side of the roof. At that point, it may be more visible to the almighty HOA, so that could be a different battle.

But TODAY it’s in a good spot and working properly. I would like it to rain sometime soon, but of course that wish looks bleak now that I have this thing set up.

Now for some pics!

Here is the first shot from my patio. You do notice the big branch behind it and that is going to be trimmed before the leaves start growing back. It’s a bit too high anyways.


Here’s another shot from the roof. You can see at the top of the pole is the rain gauge, and right below it is in the wind vane/sensor.

The whole pole actually needs to be tilted a bit to level it out, but it’s still fairly good. That pole has come in handy. It used to be for Sprint Broadband, which used a Microwave Dish to bring high-speed internet to my house before Cox made it out this far. Then I used it for an Over-The-Air Antenna for HD channels before DTV finally got them.

And now it’s part of a weather station.


So off in the top right you see the pole with the wind/rain sensors. The cables (which are phone lines) from those connect to the Thermometer sensor that needs to be mounted someplace out of direct sunlight. I chose to do it on this little hidden wall on the roof that faces north and has some good eaves to hide it under.


And here is where the Thermometer Sensor is mounted. It has a cover over it to hide the wires. As you can see, it is under an overhang, so the sun should never hit it directly. My only worry is that it needs to be ventilated and I’m not sure how well it is up there.  There is a Wiki site for weather station mounting and they recommend putting it in the middle of an open area 5-feet off the ground with a radiation cover over it so that direct sunlight is okay.

Well, I aint doing that just yet. This will work fine. Not to mention it’s pretty much right over our office, where the weather station base is located, meaning the wireless transmission doesn’t have far to go.


So that’s it really. As before, you can see all the data from my weather station over on I even have my own call-sign over there:

KAZCHAND29 – Cooper Commons

It was fun today to watch the wind vane move around as breezes picked up…although the gust of 7.8mph seemed kind of high and I’ll just have to verify that somehow. Who knows, maybe they were accurate readings.

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  1. Kate Jones says:

    Mike, that is freaking awesome!

  2. Mike says:

    Wow you commented quick on that one :) Glad you like it!

  3. Adam Rainbolt says:

    Great stuff Mike. Monsoon season should be even more interesting this year. :D

  4. Mike says:

    Heck ya! At least wind and rain-wise, it should be fun to see what kind of weather we get here.

    I’ll still hoping for a nice, wet winter storm here soon.

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