Amazing lightning photo from last night, plus more

// September 9th, 2009 // weather

I’ve been able to snap a few decent lightning shots since I started trying earlier this summer, but none of them came close to last night’s epic photo.

Epic in my world of course…because I know I can do better with some better tools, but for a little point-and-shoot camera, this is about as good as it gets.

I saw the skies starting to light up over Ocotillo and so I set up shop across Riggs. Of course, the lightning started to get close again, so I jumped in the car and had the tripod up against the inside of the car door and with the window rolled down, I grabbed the shot below.

There is a decent chance it might actually appear on Channel 12 news tonight at 4:30 pm. Also, if you want to help me out a bit, you can go vote it up over on I’m hoping it gets to an Approver’s Choice over there, but that’s a tough accomplishment.

Hope you enjoy the photo, I’ll be making a few Wallpapers of this and some others I took, which you can see below the lightning shot. It was also a stunning night with the sun setting and monsoons building, so I grabbed a few other shots.


These are the rest below…a nice sunset, and a few photos that I enhanced just a bit to bring out the colors and darkness.





7 Responses to “Amazing lightning photo from last night, plus more”

  1. Kate says:

    Really beautiful photos… I am looking for the cylons but I cant see them… I think we are safe for now…

  2. yasmine says:

    Sweet pics Mike!

  3. Jina says:

    Nice job, Mikey! I like them all.

  4. kathy says:

    oh mike….GORGEOUS!!!

  5. Shane Kirk says:

    A beautiful shot of my favorite subject Mike! I’m amazed how you captured it with your camera(no offense)! I used to have a similar camera not long ago and found it impossible to get a great shot with it. You however, have had very good shots using it but this one is Amazing! Great shot my friend!


  6. Mike says:

    Thank you everyone, really appreciate the kind words!

  7. [...] sent in the lightning photo that I shot on Tuesday night to 12 News on the behest of a friend of mine and while it was *hopefully* going to show up [...]

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