Latest weather photos

// October 14th, 2009 // photography, weather

The new camera has arrived, but I haven’t gotten a chance to shoot any weather photos with it yet. This latest batch will end up being the final photos taken by my Fuji Finepix as we move on to bigger and better things.

These were all taken on October 12th,  some of them downtown, the sunset ones from around my side of town.

The two sunset ones are probably the best, but I figured I would post them all for you guys to check out.



This first one is just come high clouds in an interesting formation, but the real neat part is the two birds way up there.



This is a shot of Squaw Peak from downtown Phoenix.


Some cris-crossing high clouds


Sunset over South Mountain


I almost missed this one, but pulled over the car and grabbed the shot. Absolutely beautiful.

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  1. Jina says:

    I like the Squaw Peak one!

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