Sunset last night

// October 11th, 2009 // photography, weather

For the first time since I’ve started making treks out to photograph lightning, sunrises, sunsets and weather in general, I finally had some company.

Jina is an amazing woman and always supports me in everything I do. So of course when I invited her and Lyla along last night to take some sunset pictures, she was right there.

Just having them with me was such a blast. It’s always better for us to be together than apart.

We trekked out to Queen Creek Rd. just west of Price Rd. and pulled into a dirt road that opened up into this giant field with a great view of South Mountain.

While I got some decent photos, my favorite is the first one below. Jina and Lyla wandered into the picture by standing on that dirt road, and I noticed that the sun was lighting up the “edges” of Jina and Lyla, especially their hair. So I turned the camera to face them and snapped one of my favorite photos ever.


And if you want to see the best of the rest, here you go:




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  1. Shannon Wood says:

    I love the pics Mike they look great.I have never really tried to focus on pictures of a sunset but they look great.It is a life given skill to learn to take the perfect picture.No one single pic is perfect but they all have their own perfect way of coming out.I have taken pictures of wild life mostly and people say that those are the hardest to take.Most of my pictures that I have taken are for Outdoor Magazines like Buckmasters and Turkey Call which is a members only magazine published by the National Wild Turkey Federation.Try and focus on your finer points of the land and see how a sunset will turn out in a picture like that.

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