Lyla this and Lyla that

// February 23rd, 2010 // family

I seriously can’t get over how much Lyla is growing. I leave for three days on a work trip, I come back and something is new. She looks older…bigger…smarter. There is always something new.

We’ve spent a lot of time together this past weekend. I was gone last week for 2 days, but I didn’t see her from Tuesday morning until Friday afternoon. That Friday we went to the park for an hour or so and just walked around, her exploring, me documenting her exploration.

Most of these photos are from last Friday, but on Sunday we went out a few times chasing the storms and so the first and last pictures are from Sunday.

Ready to drive I think?

One of the best I’ve taken of her to-date.

I taught her the joy of peeling bark from a tree trunk. She loves it.

Picking up leaves.

Great smile on her face.


Really love this one…the wind was blowing.

More wind. This is looking down a drainage tunnel under a road.

My little stormchasing buddy/sweetheart!

3 Responses to “Lyla this and Lyla that”

  1. Heather says:

    Hey Mikey I love these photos of Lyla. She is such a little beauty. I hope we get to see her this time. I spoke with your wife this morning, I am glad she if feeling better. We will let you know tomorrow night if it is a go or not for Phoenix. Jon is wanting a camera like yours, you take amazing photos.

  2. Meribeth says:

    LOVE the pic of her in the backseat of your car!! Precious!

  3. Sarah Crittenden says:

    My favorite is the last one in the car…so cute! What a blessed little girl to have her childhood so carefully captured in film!

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