Cleaning the garage: Before and After

// March 28th, 2010 // family, hdr

So as you saw in my previous post, we’re planning on moving downtown somewhere. Hence the preparation for selling the house is in full swing. We’re throwing crap out, cleaning away the clutter and junk and trying our best to make this place as attractive as possible.

The garage…ugh…spring cleaning hasn’t seen that place in a few years at least. It’s my fault, the garage is my job, my area and I just couldn’t get off my duff to clean it.

This morning all three of us got up and attacked it. We threw out A LOT of stuff, most of it from the cabinet in the photo below so you can’t really see it.

We did a before and after picture…it’s definitely not a WOW that looks way better, but you can see some differences for the better…cleaned the floor, organized the workbench, got rid of a bunch…hosed it out, etc.

These are HDR photos for all wondering.



5 Responses to “Cleaning the garage: Before and After”

  1. Josie says:

    I wish our garage looked like your before picture! ;)

  2. Mike says:

    Amazing how many people liked our before shot :)

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