Amazing Race Recap: Leg 3

// October 11th, 2010 // fun

Well now, that didn’t take long. A non-elimination already in Week 3, meaning three of you lucky people below actually guessed the tiebreaker correctly! Hopefully (for you of course) you’ll be there at the end and that tiebreaker will put you over the edge!

A crazy turn of events too, none of the top 3 teams from last week finished in the top 3 this week. Seems like this race is going to be a crapshoot.

I was dying all race long praying Nat and Kat wouldn’t end up last…although if they had, I would have ended up with 10 bonus points for the Non-Elim! Darn you irony! But I just wasn’t ready to lose a team yet. In fact, thanks to the Non-Elim, no one has lost anyone yet. I’m worried about Nat/Kat though…they seemed a lot more competent in the first episode, but since then…bad luck and a serious lack of skill seems to be plaguing them.

Speaking of skill, or lack thereof…how amazing was it that only 1-2 teams figured out where the decoder was for that challenge? I mean…you read the clue, it says a DECODER…but yet some of the teams started drawing circles around the cute African children?

In fact, there was a lot of clue-misreading on this one, especially when it came to the wheelbarrow challenge. Those are always good for some conflict. Namely Vick and Nicky…man did he lay into her for one little mistake. I mean, one slam would have been enough, but he kept going on and on and on…and then it was the self-bashing on themselves for not knowing where Ghana was. Awesome stuff.

It was also the second leg in which Brooke kissed someone along the way. That girl is CRAZY. I wonder if at some point she’ll get to a discouraging part of the race and she actually wont talk for 5 minutes.


The Contest

Okay, here are the previous week’s standings:

  1. Nicky- 16
  2. Matt- 14
  3. Jina – 12
  4. Kathy- 12
  5. Mike- 12
  6. Adrian- 12
  7. Seth/Lisa- 7
  8. Josie- 7
  9. Tracy- 7
  10. Ryann- 7
  11. Jessica- 7
  12. MJ- 7
  13. Dave- 7
  14. Heather- 3

And now the current standings with Jon/Connor coming in 1st, Gary/Mallory 2nd and Chad/Steph 3rd. Also Michael/Kevin got 10pts for the Non-Elim. Congrats to Matt for jumping to the front of the pack!

  1. Matt 31
  2. Nicky 28
  3. Adrian 28
  4. Kathy 26
  5. MJ 19
  6. Jina 15
  7. Mike 15
  8. Seth/Lisa 12
  9. Ryann 12
  10. Josie 10
  11. Tracy 10
  12. Jessica 10
  13. Dave 10
  14. Heather 8

Below is the list of picks from the start of the season:

Player Nat/Kat Brooke/Claire Katie/Rachel Jon/Connor Chad/Steph Jill/Thomas Nick/Vicky Gary/Mallory Michael/Kevin Tie
Jina X X X 6
Nicky X X X 3
Seth/Lisa X X X 7
Josie X X X 3
Tracy X X X 5
Ryann X X X 4
Jessica X X X 5
Matt X X X 7
MJ X X X 3
Kathy X X X 4
Heather X X X 4
Mike X X X 7
Adrian X X X 5
Dave X X X 4

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    #3 to #6… you fickle Amazing Race!

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