Amazing Race Recap: Leg 7

// November 13th, 2010 // fun

The one question on everyone’s minds after last week’s episode was “Where the frick was the Speed Bump???”

Apparently CBS just ignored showing it and ignored explaining it. I’ve  been looking at recaps, reader comments, etc., but have yet to find anyone who knows anything. It appears that the Speed Bump just never happened or it was so silly that they were embarrassed to show it on national television. I mean, those speed bumps HAVE been a bit too easy if you ask me. I mean, a team was able to survive by getting a non-elimination…at least make the next leg a bit harder.

So aside from that, the leg was kind of interesting. Poor Michael and Kevin, good guys, a good dad, a good son and I’m actually going to miss them. Michael’s laugh was intoxicating.

Phil made the Gorodki challenge with the sticks out to be very difficult when he introduced it, but it seemed like only 1-2 teams had a real hard time with it.

The Contest

Well, Jina and I promise that we didn’t rig this thing, that we didn’t have fore-knowledge of who might be there at the end, but things are still going our way. Nat/Kat and Brooke/Claire finished in the top2 again, which is helping put distance between our competition.

I do have some bad news for me though…Jina’s tiebreaker will beat me out at the end since we have the same teams :(

But hey, those of you with Nick and Vicky…they finished in the top 3 for the first time all year! Yay!

On a sad note, this leg was fraught with penalties, including 2 for Michael/Kevin and 1 for Chad/Steph. So not only do those of you with Michael/Kevin lose them as a team, but you are also dinged 10 points on top of it! Talk about adding insult to injury!

Last Week’s Standings

Current Standings

  1. Jina 74
  2. Mike 74
  3. Josie 61
  4. Jessica 61
  5. Heather 61
  6. Dave 61
  7. Matt 56
  8. MJ 56
  9. Seth/Lisa 52
  10. Ryann 52
  11. Adrian 48
  12. Nicky 38
  13. Tracy 38
  14. Kathy 38

This Week’s Standings

  1. Jina 90
  2. Mike 90
  3. Josie 72
  4. Jessica 72
  5. Dave 72
  6. Heather 68
  7. MJ 66
  8. Seth/Lisa 58
  9. Ryann 58
  10. Adrian 54
  11. Matt 52
  12. Nicky 43
  13. Tracy 42
  14. Kathy 39

Below is the list of picks from the start of the season:

Player Nat/Kat Brooke/Claire Katie/Rachel Jon/Connor Chad/Steph Jill/Thomas Nick/Vicky Gary/Mallory Michael/Kevin Tie
Jina X X X 6
Nicky X X X 3
Seth/Lisa X X X 7
Josie X X X 3
Tracy X X X 5
Ryann X X X 4
Jessica X X X 5
Matt X X X 7
MJ X X X 3
Kathy X X X 4
Heather X X X 4
Mike X X X 7
Adrian X X X 5
Dave X X X 4

4 Responses to “Amazing Race Recap: Leg 7”

  1. jina says:

    I wonder how my dust tastes… ;)

  2. Jessica says:

    Haha….Jina! Stinker….I think you copied Mike’s so you are just lucky…..????

  3. Angela Ward says:

    Hi Mike.
    Random me coming across your site like this, however, I am an avid runner. I suppose that’s not the same though is it? Running is very much part of my life – couldn’t code with lifes stresses without my regular fix. Looks like your team events mean alot to you too?
    What exactly are you referring to?


  4. Rob says:

    I wish we got the Amazing Race in the UK I’ve been on the website but I cannot see the vids because of where I’m located. It’s a pity it looks great fun and I would love to participate in your race

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