Amazing Race Recap: Leg 9 and 10

// November 28th, 2010 // fun

Wow, so I skipped the recap last week and figured I’d slam two into one! I’m such a bum, but actually, I’ve been incredibly busy and just haven’t had time to spend doing this.

So last week we lost Chad and Steph, a couple I didn’t care much about, and this week we SHOULD have lost another but a darn non-elimination screwed everything up.

Nick has grown so much, loves Vicky so much, that you have to wonder just how BAD he must have been before he “changed” into the better person he is now. I mean, his girlfriend has athsma, can’t run and he’s telling her to stop crying. Wow…back in his bad days he probably just choked you to death instead of the put-downs.

So Nick just went to sleep and decided to quit looking for the boat, which is probably a first for the show. I mean, some entire TEAMS give up together, but this was on side just dropping to the ground and letting the other person do the work.

Which made the non-elimination so lame this time. First off, it’s now the second one for them on the race. But second…could it go to a more undeserving team?

Anyways…I don’t have a ton of time, but my three teams are still in it and two of them are all-girl squads. Never before has a girl team one the race, so I’m pulling for Brooke/Claire or Nat/Kat to pull it off.

The Contest

Okay, so two weeks of standing changes. First off, last week we had two U-Turns, which resulted in -10 for both Chad/Steph and Brooke/Claire. This week there was a bonus for Jina/me for having the top three teams on the leg…plus bonus points for the non-elim for Nick/Vicky.

Since Jina and I are out of the running for the prize…Dave, Josie and Heather are all right there trying to get that gift card for themselves!

Two Week’s Ago Standings

  1. Jina 92
  2. Mike 92
  3. Heather 89
  4. Seth/Lisa 79
  5. Ryann 79
  6. Josie 73
  7. Jessica 73
  8. Dave 73
  9. MJ 67
  10. Kathy 60
  11. Adrian 55
  12. Matt 53
  13. Tracy 45
  14. Nicky 44

Current Standings

  1. Jina 129
  2. Mike 129
  3. Heather 107
  4. Dave 101
  5. Josie 101
  6. Jessica 101
  7. Seth/Lisa 82
  8. Ryann 82
  9. MJ 80
  10. Tracy 76
  11. Adrian 64
  12. Matt 47
  13. Kathy 44
  14. Nicky 38

Below is the list of picks from the start of the season:

Player Nat/Kat Brooke/Claire Katie/Rachel Jon/Connor Chad/Steph Jill/Thomas Nick/Vicky Gary/Mallory Michael/Kevin Tie
Jina X X X 6
Nicky X X X 3
Seth/Lisa X X X 7
Josie X X X 3
Tracy X X X 5
Ryann X X X 4
Jessica X X X 5
Matt X X X 7
MJ X X X 3
Kathy X X X 4
Heather X X X 4
Mike X X X 7
Adrian X X X 5
Dave X X X 4

2 Responses to “Amazing Race Recap: Leg 9 and 10”

  1. jina says:

    It’s all so anti-climatic since I can’t win anything… maybe Mike should have mentioned that to me before I was so awesome in my selection process…

  2. kathy says:

    Yeah, maybe next time you’ll pick the Nick/Vick team so we can make fun of you…

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