Amazing Race Finale Recap!

// December 13th, 2010 // fun

Awesome finale…not only did we have a history-making girl team win it all, but the second place team was all girls as well.

And I think it’s about time right? There have been a lot of great female teams, it’s amazing that none of them have won until now.

The final leg basically came down to Nat and Kat figuring out Studio 7 from their cab instead of having to stop and look it up (Brooke and Claire) or get completely hosed with a ridiculous cab driver. I think Thomas kind of said it best about cabbies in other countries not understanding them, then they get home to Los Angeles and it’s the same language barrier.

I do think the Amazing Race is going to have to switch up that final challenge a bit now though…people are writing down everything in preparation for that thing.

Amazingly, I did like all three of these teams a lot (having picked them all at the start of the season being a slight factor in that), but Brooke and Claire are probably my most favorite team ever. I wanted to see them win…their enthusiasm, humor and fun was probably unmatched so far in this series. Not to mention that watermelon hitting Claire in the face…that is a lasting memory.

Next Season

Now, the best part to come out of the finale was the announcement at the end about next season. First off, it’s going to be in High Definition which is friggin’ ABOUT TIME. I mean, if Survivor can do it on a remote island location, then the Amazing Race should be able to.

Second…it’s the All-Stars edition. My only worry of course is that when Survivor: All-Stars came out, it was the peak of my interest in the show, and then when it was done I pretty much stopped watching Survivor.

I don’t think this will happen here…but either way, I can’t wait. I’m not sure if the previews showed us who would be on or not, because there were at least 4-5 teams from this current season shown, but I do hope Brooke and Claire return, not to mention a ton of other people from past seasons. The ones they briefly showed were all awesome.

Just please no Robb and Ambuh :)

The Contest

Well, it’s time to congratulate our winner! Which in reality is Jina because she had the most points, never lost a single team and had the tiebreaker over me, who did the same thing.

However, since no Olbinski can win it, we’ll give it to the next person…which is…Heather!

Heather, if you read this, contact me with what kind of gift card you’d like!

  1. Mike/Jina – (190)
  2. Heather – (148)
  3. Dave/Josie/Jessica – (142 close!)
  4. Seth/Lisa/Ryann (120)
  5. MJ (118)
  6. Tracy (79)
  7. Adrian (69)
  8. Matt (52)
  9. Kathy (49)
  10. Nicky (43)

A fun season everyone, thank you SOOOOO much for playing…we’ll have to come up with a few new things for All-Stars to keep things interesting.

See you guys back here in late February!

3 Responses to “Amazing Race Finale Recap!”

  1. Heather Melvoin says:

    I’m so excited I decided to get in on the contest this season. I’ve watched the contest for the past few seasons and figured I had nothing to lose. Starting out at the very far bottom, I figured I had nothing to win either! But yay for me!! Hmmm…what kind of gift card do I want? Something just for me. How about Bath & Body Works? I could have some fun with that one.

    Thanks Mike & Jina!!

  2. Ryann says:

    WAY TO GO NICKY!!! You almost had it won!! :)

  3. jina says:

    First of all, Mikey, did you forget about the first AR All-Stars? You didn’t lose interest after that, so I think you are safe.

    Secondly, I think it’s crap that I can’t win. I mean, do you know the amount of research pre-AR I did this season to pick the three best teams? All that time that Mike spent out on photo shoots, I was totally neglecting my daughter and instead reading up everything I could on each team. I even watched HSN for hours on end to scout out Brook and Claire. By the way, Mike, that’s where all the money went.

    Alas, Heather gets my prize. I guess no bubble bath for me. :(

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