Amazing Race Leg 11

// December 12th, 2010 // fun

Ah, so far behind on writing this week’s as per usual…I think I’ll just post the contest standings before tonight’s finale.

I’ll say, this has been the best year ever for me picking at this game…I’ve never come close to 1st before, so me and Jina having all three of the final teams is pretty awesome. Of course, we’re not eligible for the prize, so whoever comes in third will get a nice gift card!

Jina and myself just get bragging rights and will pat ourselves on the back a few times.

Last Week’s Standings

  1. Jina 129
  2. Mike 129
  3. Heather 107
  4. Dave 101
  5. Josie 101
  6. Jessica 101
  7. Seth/Lisa 82
  8. Ryann 82
  9. MJ 80
  10. Tracy 76
  11. Adrian 64
  12. Matt 47
  13. Kathy 44
  14. Nicky 38

Current Standings

Like I said, Jina and I jumped up even higher in points for another leg with the top 3 teams finishing. I’m not sure about the scoring for this, next year that bonus may be taken out if there are only 3 teams left, but it’s also kind of a nice bonus for actually having the last three teams.

So for those in 3rd-6th who actually have a chance to win. Here is the scoring for tonight:

If you have the winning team, 25 points. You will also get the normal leg finishing points on top of that.

Looks like it would be better for Heather to win the card all to herself instead of me splitting it three ways with Dave, Josie and Jessica :)

  1. Jina 157
  2. Mike 157
  3. Heather 120
  4. Dave 114
  5. Josie 114
  6. Jessica 114
  7. Seth/Lisa 85
  8. Ryann 85
  9. MJ 83
  10. Tracy 86
  11. Adrian 64
  12. Matt 47
  13. Kathy 44
  14. Nicky 38

Below is the list of picks from the start of the season:

Player Nat/Kat Brooke/Claire Katie/Rachel Jon/Connor Chad/Steph Jill/Thomas Nick/Vicky Gary/Mallory Michael/Kevin Tie
Jina X X X 6
Nicky X X X 3
Seth/Lisa X X X 7
Josie X X X 3
Tracy X X X 5
Ryann X X X 4
Jessica X X X 5
Matt X X X 7
MJ X X X 3
Kathy X X X 4
Heather X X X 4
Mike X X X 7
Adrian X X X 5
Dave X X X 4

2 Responses to “Amazing Race Leg 11”

  1. nicky says:

    not that it matters b/c i am last. but don’t i get points for brooke and claire finishing second? adrian and others too i think.
    also for next season, i’m still confused why your team should get negative points for getting U turned. that makes it double suck for your team! i think brooke and claire should have gotten bonus points that leg for getting u turned and not finishing last!

  2. Mike says:

    Last season I gave negative points to teams who UTURNED someone and then positive points for those who got Uturned and I got crap for it :)

    Can’t please everyone :)

    Also, Brooke and Claire had a penalty last week, so they got 5 points but also lost 5 points :)

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