The Christmas Card photoshoot

// January 17th, 2011 // family

The winner!

If you are family or a close friend, the picture above is probably familiar to you because it was the second annual Lyla Christmas Card :)

Someday I’m sure we’ll all get into the action, but for now, it’s so much easier to put that cute little face on there instead.

So Jina had been bugging me and bugging me to take some photos of Lyla that we could use for our 2010 card. Okay, not bugging me really, but gently reminding me that I’ve been a putz for putting it off and basically forgetting. I was so busy with OTHER people’s pictures back in November, I hadn’t much time to just shoot around the house.

Before you thank Jina for the outfit Lyla is wearing, I’m the one who went into the closet, slapped this little number on her and away we went. I thought the hood, jacket and everything looked pretty “Christmas-y”, so we tried to make it work. We did the shoot in the backyard and used the garage door as our main backdrop. There were also a few shots with the bricks that make up the outer walls of the house.

Now, in case you think this picture crops off the places where I handcuffed her to the wall so she’d pose like that, it doesn’t. I had the camera, I told her we needed some pictures and that I wanted her to stand against the wall.

Posed like this all on her own :)

The little model…erm, girl…walked over, turned around and spread her arms out just like that. Unbelievable right? I don’t even know where she got that from or why she did it.

I guess you girls are just born knowing how to do girly stuff like that.

So we just took some photos there and then walked around to take a few more in random places. I thought the family might like to see all of the ones from that day, so here they are! Hope you enjoy!

The backdrop is our garage door I love this one :)

3 Responses to “The Christmas Card photoshoot”

  1. Gramma Karen says:

    Of course I love ALL the pics … Lyla’s an angel and her Dad is a photographic wonder! But the big question is, “What is the outfit’s color, really?

  2. jina says:

    Mom, it’s teal… which really isn’t Christmasy at all… but whatever. What Mike failed to show, is that she had everyday socks and shoes on with her dress. Those never had a chance at the Christmas card! :) I love the one with Minnie.

  3. Capn Schwartz says:

    Lyla with Minnie is PRICELESS!

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