The Amazing Race All-Stars: Leg 1 and Contest Entry!

// February 21st, 2011 // fun

Okay, the first thing I loved about the premiere episode of The Amazing Race All-Stars was the introduction of the Cowboys and their awesome theme music. It makes Jina and myself laugh every time. There just aren’t many teams with their own theme songs…you have to be awesome to get one.

Of course, awesome is only relative. They weren’t very awesome last night. In fact, they were on my must-pick list before the episode started and plummeted all the way down to “Will ANYONE actually pick them this week?”

Just a few words about the teams. I would have been fine without the Goth couple and whoever the ones are that got the U-Turn and finished second at the not-a-pit-stop mat.

Mirna and Schmirna would have been awesome. Heck, even Rob and Ambuh (although Rob is busy on Survivor). For it being All-Stars, I think they could have done better. Makes you wonder who turned them down.

Also, wouldn’t it suck to work for this show and have to place thousands of flags, only to have teams pluck 12 of them and leave? “Ugh, now we gotta pull these all out…I just got done putting them in the ground!”

I love Phil trying to scare everyone at the beginning with “You think you know the race…but YOU DON’T! BWAHAAHAHAHAAH!”

Only to find out they just had to work for a clue and someone was getting a U-Turn right away. It’s still pretty much the same. Yeah, they didn’t exactly have a pit-stop, but that’s been done before. Nothing new there.

I kind of wonder if they realized the Cowboys were sucking it up, so they quickly changed things up to keep them around if possible.

And I really enjoyed Phil having to tell Mallory to get going.

Well, that’s it…certainly makes things interesting as far as the contest goes.  Quickly again, here are the rules and you make your picks below!

The Contest

This year the prize will be either a choice of any one of my photos at a 12×18 print size, or our standard $25 gift card of your choosing.

Also, this is kind of big in terms of the game itself…but I may possibly throw out 1-2 mid-season pop quizes…like “Who do you think will go home the next leg?” and stuff like that. They will be worth points that can help you get something extra when you may be trailing a bit. Or increse your already gigantic lead (me and Jina last year).

So keep checking back every week for the recaps.

General Scoring:

  • Finish 1st on a Leg: 10 pts
  • Finish 2nd on a Leg: 5 pts
  • Finish 3rd on a Leg: 3 pts
  • Finish a Leg: 1 pts
  • Win the Amazing Race: 25 pts
  • Complete a Fast-Forward: 15 pts
  • Get Yielded: MINUS 10pts
  • Yield someone: +5pts
  • Last team on a Non-Elimination round: 10 pts
  • Any time penalty: MINUS 5 pts

Additional Bonus-type Scoring:

  • Bonus: 15 points for having the top3 teams on a leg
  • If you lose a team in the FIRST week, you have the option to continue with only TWO, or take a -15 point deduction and choose another team before the second week of the contest.
  • Worst to First: If a team goes from LAST to FIRST in a single episode, that is a 10 point bonus
  • First to Worst: If a team goes from FIRST to LAST in a single episode, that is a -10 point deduction.
  • Tiebreaker: Pick the first week that you think there will be a Non-Elimination Leg. There are 11 episodes, so specify which episode from here on out.

So pick your three teams below!

14 Responses to “The Amazing Race All-Stars: Leg 1 and Contest Entry!”

  1. nicky says:

    thoughts: i actaully like the goth couple, i think they are pretty funny. especially when kent smacked that surfer’s butt at the pit stop, hilarious! but i agree about the Uturn couple. i cannot remember them at all! they should have only picked teams who finished in the top. not 8th or whatever they were! oh and remember how bad the cowboys sucked the first leg of their season? we thought they would be one of the first to go!

    my teams- zev/justin, kent/vyxsin, and margie/luke. tiebreaker- episode 4.

    here’s to hoping i don’t get last place this time!!

  2. jina says:

    Okay… I’m not sure how to pick for All-Stars, but since I won last time… I don’t feel a lot of pressure to perform. haha… see how I did that. Anyway, this time I am just going to pick teams I like to root for and not worry about the rest. So here are my top three:

    flight time and big easy; mel and mike; jet and cord

    tiebreaker – episode 5

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  4. Tyler says:

    Mike – Jina did her picks so it is your turn. If you need help she picked flight time and big easy; mel and mike; jet and cord

  5. Tracy says:

    Yay! Amazing Race is back – love this show!

    Well, call me crazy, but I have to stick with my guys – Jet & Cord were down and out in the first episode last time, but they came back. I picked them and the brother that beat them and won this contest 2 seasons ago! Hopefully they’ll be good luck again.

    I can’t believe how much helping other teams was going on. Most of the teams didn’t even finish the flags puzzle/clue, they just begged for help.

    I too am not real impressed with the cast, but there are a few good ones who will hopefully stick around to keep it interesting. This season it seems to be the parent-child combo made the grade – 4 teams came back. Only two all-female teams this time.

    Here are my pics:
    Jet & Cord
    Amanda & Kris
    Margie & Luke

    Thanks Mike!

  6. adrian says:

    I wouldn’t count out the cowboys yet. They surprised me the first time around. Also, I doubt the show did something fishy like not making it a real pit stop. I suspected a trick there since they hadn’t done a detour yet.
    Here are my picks. Hope I won’t need the ‘Adrian rule’ after the first elimination :)
    flight time and big easy
    zev and justin
    jet and cord
    tiebreaker: episode 6

  7. Tracy says:

    oops – forgot my tiebreaker – episode 4

  8. Heather Melvoin says:

    Ok. Let’s do this. My teams are:

    Jet & Cord
    Flight Time & Big Easy
    Gary & Mallory

    Tiebreaker: Episode 5

  9. Hey Mike – they did say in the episode that the beach was the pit stop. So if no one gets eliminated, wouldn’t that be the first episode for the tie breaker? I guess I’ll pick the first episode just in case then!

    My teams:
    Zev & Justin
    Gary & Mallory
    Jaime & Cara

  10. Ryann says:

    I decided to move my picks to this page so they don’t get lost. :)

    Since I live in the central time zone and got to watch already….here are my picks. Sure hope one of them doesn’t turn out to be a dud!!

    1. Jet & Cord
    2. Mallory & Gary
    3. Margie & Luke

    Tiebreaker — Episode 3

  11. Seth & Lisa says:

    This is so hard after that first episode…. My picks are
    1. Flight Time & Big Easy
    2. Jet & Cord
    3. LaKisha & Jennifer
    Tiebreaker – Episode 8

  12. Jennifer Rose says:

    Hmmm…itching my head – Ok here are my first thoughts:

    First : Jet and Cord
    Second : Jaime and Cara
    Third : Flight Time and Big Easy
    Tiebreaker – Week 6

  13. Steven Rose says:

    1. Zev and Justin
    2. Flight Time and Big Easy
    3. Jet and Cord
    Tiebreaker: Episode 7

  14. Here we go:

    Flight Time/Big Easy
    Zev and Justin
    Jet and Cord

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