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// February 24th, 2011 // family

A bit of time at the park at the end of December

Wow, where to begin?

I haven’t written a This and That since December 14th and that is an awfully long time ago. I feel just horrible.

We have a lot going on these days, some of which I wont mention right away but stay tuned!

On February 1st I started working at Ch2M Hill after having been with my previous employer for over seven years. That’s a heck of a long time to work somewhere, especially for me. I haven’t worked anywhere for longer than 3 years and that was back in my AMC Theater days when I was around 20.

CH2 is a fantastic company, they are huge, international and boast around 24,000 employees worldwide. We are in charge of the London Olympics and the Panama Canal expansion.

I of course will be steadily working on some projects in Henderson, Nevada.

Watching the rain

Jina is doing great. Her job has kind of changed up a bit on her, so she’s not working with the same guys she’s been accustomed to helping for the last many, many years, so it’s been a hard adjustment for her.

I don’t know if you guys know this or not, but Jina is pretty amazing. My photography business keeps growing and growing, and at the core of it all is Jina. Not in the way you might think, but in the way she supports me, helps me and takes care of not just me, but our entire family. She’s simply perfect and I am fairly confident I wouldn’t be near the man I am right now without her.

I know for certain I wouldn’t be into photography. I think all of who I am is because of her.

For those curious if Lyla has any hair yet...yes, she does :)

Now we have some Lyla to talk about.

Everytime she does something, I want to save it in a notebook so I can write about it later because I always forget when it comes time to write one of these. Ugh.

Before I get to the fun stuff, I should talk about her first visit to the emergency room :)

Sometimes she can be a brat (although since this incident she’s calmed down a bit), but on my birthday we were trying to meet my mom for lunch. Jina had her hands full and Lyla ran off, so Jina tried to grab her arm to walk her back to the car.

Of course Lyla goes LIMP and Jina tries to hold her up, which results in some screaming and crying. We had no idea what was up, but she suddenly was a different kid and holding her right arm like it was broken. We skipped lunched and went to Phoenix Children’s Hospital which is right down the street.

Turns out she had Nursemaid’s Elbow, a little dislocation of one of the long forearm bones. Yikes. This amazing doctor walked into our room, looked at her arm, said he knew what it was and BOOM…he twisted her are this way and that and suddenly it was fixed. Within 5 minutes she was back up, waving and running around.

It was definitely a crazy experience and we were just happy it was nothing worse. Apparently this type of thing is hugely common and they see kids all the time for it.

Lyla's first time seeing snow...took this on December 30th out at the Four Peaks Road area. It was about 35 degrees out...brrrrr....

She saw snow for the first time when we had that crazy winter weather in the last week of December.

Now on to some fun stuff.

She’s just so smart. She’s talking like crazy now. “What doing daddy? “What’s that?” Asking a lot of questions. She can open all the doors in the house so we have to be careful. She’s awesome at carrying her little plate of food to the living room without spilling anything.

Lately she’s been a dream sleeper. Not like she sleeps forever, but she’s actually asking to go to bed a lot more. She knows when she’s tired in the middle of the day and actually says “Mommy, bed.” It’s amazing. At night she asks to pray and then just lays down quietly to go to sleep.

Whenever there is dance music playing, she forces us to dance with her. She’s getting better at her numbers and colors.

Outside, playing with Woody and Jesse like always

Lately she’s been saying “Hey!” Like if I take something away and she doesn’t like it…”Hey!”

She loves going to church and she loves the nursery and the music. It’s just such a blessing to have her excited to go with us…makes it all easier.

I can’t remember much else to say about her other than she’s just the joy of our lives. I honestly couldn’t count the number of times a day I think to myself “Oh man, she is ours and she’s the cutest thing on the planet.”

We’ll be writing again soon…


Watching Mickey...what else?

Me and my girl...hard to get her to just stand still for a photo with me :)

OMG - Purse courtesy of Grandpa Timm

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