Amazing Race: All Stars – Leg 2

// March 7th, 2011 // fun

There were some tears shed at the end of the last leg…and not just by Mel and Mike.

My poor wife was the only one who picked them as one of her teams and above that, she just loves those guys. She may have cried along with them. I love them too, although they really make lousy Race runners. At first I had to wonder if Mike was the one giving up too soon…kind of pining everything on his dad for his wanting to stop doing the challenge…but then his dad’s quote at the end about having to quit for him…perhaps his dad actually would have searched until he died. I dunno.

What you can tell is that those two love each other insanely and it’s been fun seeing them race twice now.

So Zev and Justin are looking like the team to beat right now with two first place finishes already. They are a fun team to root for too….they are just likable.

Also…is it me or did Mallory kind of get an idea that her goofiness from her season was something viewers enjoyed, so now she’s going overboard? It’s either that or she’s on serious painkillers, drugs or something.

On a final note it appears the producers of the Race are out to humiliate these people All-Star style. So many get-ups, so many silly costumes…curious what’s coming next.

The Contest

So Tracy was the only on who lose a team the first week, so she envoked the Adrian Rule and lost 15 points while picking up Zev and Justin. The net result is she went from 4 points to 1, but at least has three teams.

Adrian, Steve and myself built upon our lead as Zev and Justin of course got 10 points for finishing first.  Here is the order of the teams finishing:

1.    Zev & Justin
2.    Gary & Mallory
3.    Ron & Christina
4.    Kisha & Jen
5.    Flight Time & Big Easy
6.    Jet & Cord
7.    Kent & Vyxsin
8.    Margie & Luke
9.    Jaime & Cara
10.    Mel & Mike

Last week’s standings:

  1. Adrian – 33
  2. Steve – 33
  3. Mike -33
  4. Nicky -12
  5. MJ -12
  6. Jina -9
  7. Heather -9
  8. Seth&Lisa -9
  9. Jennifer -9
  10. Ryann -5
  11. Tracy – 4

Current Standings:

  1. Mike 45
  2. Adrian 45
  3. Steve 45
  4. MJ 28
  5. Nicky 24
  6. Heather 16
  7. Ryann 12
  8. Seth&Lisa 12
  9. Jennifer 12
  10. Jina 11
  11. Tracy 1

Below is the list of picks from the start of the season:

Player Jet/Cord Zev/Justin Marg/Luke Kent/Vyxsin FT/BigEasy Mel/Mike Amanda/Kris Gary/Mal Jamie/Cara Lakisha/Jen Tie
Jina X X X 5
Mike X X X -
Adrian X X X 6
Nicky X X X 4
Tracy X X X X 4
Heather X X X 5
MJ X X X 1
Ryann X X X 3
Seth&Lisa X X X 8
Jennifer X X X 6
Steve X X X 7

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  1. jina says:

    Is there an Adrian dos rule for me?

  2. Hey Mike – Shouldn’t everyone who has Flight Time & Big Easy have negative points from this leg for the time penalty?

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