Amazing Race All-Stars: Leg 6 and 7

// April 14th, 2011 // fun

Wow, I might be the worst contest runner ever! Sorry for the long delay in updating, but here you go.

Ryann was way ahead for a bit, but the gap has narrowed!

Only bit of scoring worth noting…the Globetrotters went worst to first last week, thus got a 10pt bonus :)

Previous Standings

  1. Ryann 78
  2. Mike 59
  3. Adrian 59
  4. Steve 59
  5. MJ 39
  6. Nicky 36
  7. Heather 36
  8. Tracy 31
  9. Seth&Lisa 26
  10. Jennifer 25
  11. Jina 23

Current Standings

  1. Ryann 96
  2. Mike 92
  3. Adrian 92
  4. Steve 92
  5. Heather 74
  6. Seth&Lisa 57
  7. MJ 56
  8. Jennifer 52
  9. Jina 50
  10. Nicky 45
  11. Tracy 44

Below is the list of picks from the start of the season:

Player Jet/Cord Zev/Justin Marg/Luke Kent/Vyxsin FT/BigEasy Mel/Mike Amanda/Kris Gary/Mal Jamie/Cara Lakisha/Jen Tie
Jina X X X 5
Mike X X X -
Adrian X X X 6
Nicky X X X 4
Tracy X X X X 4
Heather X X X 5
MJ X X X 1
Ryann X X X 3
Seth&Lisa X X X 8
Jennifer X X X 6
Steve X X X 7

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