Amazing Race All-Stars: Leg 8 and 9

// April 25th, 2011 // fun

Wow…how are Kent and Vyxsin still alive? And how often does Kent look in the mirror and wonder what happened to his man card?

Did he ever have one?

You let your girlfriend pull you around town? KNOWING this will be on TV at some point?

Holy crap.

Jina sent me an article today with a guy questioning how much fun the Race is when people cheat and form alliances like they did tonight. The poor Cowboys had no chance when everyone else was helping each other out.  I don’t know how I feel, but while I don’t mind teams helping each other out, there should be some kind of rule against stuff like what happened tonight.

Now, on to the contest:

Previous Standings

  1. Ryann 96
  2. Mike 92
  3. Adrian 92
  4. Steve 92
  5. Heather 74
  6. Seth&Lisa 57
  7. MJ 56
  8. Jennifer 52
  9. Jina 50
  10. Nicky 45
  11. Tracy 44

So another leapfrog moment for a few of us…Ryann lost her lead and got passed up by myself, Adrian and Steve.

However, this was the first official NON-ELIMINATION round (unless I’m mistaken, I went back to double-check and didn’t see anything other than the “keep racing”  legs)…so Steve holds the tie-breaker over myself and Adrian, so that basically puts him on top.

Current Standings

  1. Steve 114
  2. Adrian 114
  3. Mike 114
  4. Ryann 98
  5. Heather 88
  6. MJ 88
  7. Nicky 70
  8. Seth&Lisa 65
  9. Jennifer 54
  10. Tracy 54
  11. Jina 52

Below is the list of picks from the start of the season:

Player Jet/Cord Zev/Justin Marg/Luke Kent/Vyxsin FT/BigEasy Mel/Mike Amanda/Kris Gary/Mal Jamie/Cara Lakisha/Jen Tie
Jina X X X 5
Mike X X X -
Adrian X X X 6
Nicky X X X 4
Tracy X X X X 4
Heather X X X 5
MJ X X X 1
Ryann X X X 3
Seth&Lisa X X X 8
Jennifer X X X 6
Steve X X X 7

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  1. jina says:

    Two things… how am I at the bottom again? Ugh… and 2… I think after a certain point in the competition it might be fun if a team gets a 15 minute penalty if they help another team. I don’t know. I may just be bitter that the Cowboys didn’t make it and Kent is still in.

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