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My wife came up with the name for this blog a few years back. When you visit it, explore it and read it, then you are learning more about my life.

I’m updating this page in late 2009 and realizing how much I’ve changed over the years since I started this blog. I used to love to write and talk about entertainment news, television shows, movies and all that jazz.

I still love all that stuff, but my hobbies and desires have changed.

Mainly I’m a father now and that has given me a new direction. Suddenly I had this little girl, this amazing gift, and all I wanted to do was take pictures of her.

That led to a photoshoot with a friend who gave us some amazing memories of Lyla when she was only weeks old. That seemed to stir a passion inside me that I didn’t know existed.

Photography. I’ve always been a guy who loved the weather and I have tons of photos from years past of storms and clouds. I just never fully realized the connection between loving the weather and this desire to photograph it.

Now I do. Last summer I learned how to capture lightning on our little point and shoot. Then I realized I needed a better camera that could do long exposures.

From there, things have exploded. My Canon Rebel XSi is rarely away from me and I’ve discovered not only an aptitude for shooting the weather, sunsets, storms, etc., but also perhaps an eye for photography that I didn’t know I had.

So that’s where my life is right now. I first and foremost am a father and a husband. They are my life and all that matter to me besides my faith in Jesus Christ.

Yet there is now this passion and infatuation with taking pictures that has taken hold of me and I’m so very interested in seeing where it leads.

So if you want to follow my blog and my photography, Subscribe to my feed. You’ll be getting other stuff too, because I love to write about other things as well, like my family, or the Amazing Race, or whatever.

Thanks for stopping by!

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