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Photographing Lyla in her room

// October 24th, 2009 // 2 Comments » // family, photography

The camera has barely left my hands since I got it, and the photos are arriving quickly and faster than I can even show people. Sometimes there seems to be so many good ones, I have a hard time not wanting to use them all! I need to learn to just pick the cream of [...]

New camera, new photos

// October 18th, 2009 // 3 Comments » // family, photography

The day after getting the new camera, we headed out to Joe’s Farm Grill and it’s picturesque surroundings to see what we could do with the new toy. I’m still learning the ins and outs of the the camera, but these below were just some of the more special ones we snapped that night, most [...]

Latest weather photos

// October 14th, 2009 // 2 Comments » // photography, weather

The new camera has arrived, but I haven’t gotten a chance to shoot any weather photos with it yet. This latest batch will end up being the final photos taken by my Fuji Finepix as we move on to bigger and better things. These were all taken on October 12th, ┬ásome of them downtown, the [...]

Sunset last night

// October 11th, 2009 // 1 Comment » // photography, weather

For the first time since I’ve started making treks out to photograph lightning, sunrises, sunsets and weather in general, I finally had some company. Jina is an amazing woman and always supports me in everything I do. So of course when I invited her and Lyla along last night to take some sunset pictures, she [...]

Recent weather photos

// October 7th, 2009 // 2 Comments » // photography, weather

I’ve been a bit busy the last few days taking sunrise and sunset photos, which is all there really has been lately. No thunderstorms and monsoon action to occupy my time, so resorting to anything I can to get my photographing fix. Here are some recent photos, all of which should also appear in my [...]

Weather photos and new photo gallery

// September 22nd, 2009 // 1 Comment » // photography, weather

It’s been a slow week for weather photography. In fact, it’s been a slow few weeks. And I don’t see it getting any better as the monsoon season draws to a close and the chance of thunderstorms starts dwindling. In the meantime, I thought I’d post a few photos that I’ve taken the last few [...]