Albums 1 - 93 out of 93
Photos of Me Photos of Me
248 photos
Lyla and Tatum's 3rd Birthday Party Lyla and Tatum's 3rd Birthday Party
They are only five weeks apart, so we had a joint party for them at Joe's Farm Grill last Saturday night.
38 photos
Lyla turns 3! Lyla turns 3!
We had a simple little party for Lyla on the 22nd to celebrate her third birthday! Here is some photos from the party :)
40 photos
Wall Photos Wall Photos
1 photos
Family and Friends, 2011 Family and Friends, 2011
60 photos
Profile Pictures Profile Pictures
36 photos
Mobile Uploads Mobile Uploads
32 photos
Sedona Vacation July 2011 Sedona Vacation July 2011
From our trip to Sedona back in July
31 photos
Lyla's First Haircut Lyla's First Haircut
19 photos
Memphis Vacation - 2011 Memphis Vacation - 2011
88 photos
My last day at DLT&V My last day at DLT&V
After working at DLT&V for seven years, it was time to move on. This was my little going away happy hour on my last day. Thanks guys for hanging out and seeing me off, was a ton of fun. First day with the new 5D Mark II as well :)
54 photos
Christmas Card Photoshoot - 2010 Christmas Card Photoshoot - 2010
A little photoshoot Lyla and I did to get our annual Christmas Card photo. She posed in these all on her own :)
9 photos
Family and friends - 2010 Family and friends - 2010
Just a random album for family and friends photos for this new year of 2010.
193 photos
Housewarming/Lyla's 2nd Birthday Party Housewarming/Lyla's 2nd Birthday Party
75 photos
Halloween 2010 Halloween 2010
52 photos
San Diego Vacation San Diego Vacation
79 photos
Stormchasing: July 18th, 2010 Stormchasing: July 18th, 2010
All these strikes were taken from Higley and the 202 on the northeast corner. I've taken shots from there before and it's high enough to see lightning crossing the Mesa/AJ area from all the way in Chandler/Gilbert. The storm came in from the NE and moved SW across Mesa/ I just had to change the angle I was shooting. This was over the course of just about an hour.
20 photos
Work trip to Holland Work trip to Holland
My work sent me on a factory demonstration test in Holland for a project I'm working on in Nevada. Sometimes it just pays to be lucky.
199 photos
Work Trip to Holland: Bruges, Belgium Work Trip to Holland: Bruges, Belgium
I took so many photos of Belgium that I couldn't squeeze them into the other Holland album I have on here because it only holds 200 photos! I loved Bruges so much, had to make it a separate album ;)
130 photos
Day Twelve Day Twelve
This is an album for photos from our gatherings with the new church we're helping plant, Day Twelve. You can find more information out at
18 photos
Old School Old School
Some photos from growing up, random stuff I found in my box of photos and decided to scan a few.
29 photos
Approver's Choice on Wunderground Approver's Choice on Wunderground
This is self-promoting, boasting album where I post the pictures that get an "Approver's Choice" on That basically means out of all the photos that get posted on a daily basis, they vote on the best of the best that get a top category booking.
4 photos
Photography Photography
This is a photo gallery of photos I take and then likely will apply post-processing for visual effects. While taking the right picture is awesome and an art tough to learn, you can also do a lot in post-processing with Photoshop, etc., and bring an average photo to life. Hoping I can do a little of that here and see what kind of response I get.
83 photos
Lyla and everybody else Lyla and everybody else
A new album dedicated to family and friends for the rest of the year.
157 photos
The Dogs The Dogs
34 photos
Weather Shots Weather Shots
Pictures of weather and clouds and whatnot
121 photos
Matt and Yasmine's wedding Matt and Yasmine's wedding
Matt and Yasmine got married in an airplane hanger, which is just about the coolest place you could possibly get married I think. I just took some candid pictures of people and the newlyweds so they might have a few more photos of their awesome day. These are just a few.
36 photos
Christmas 2009 Christmas 2009
Photos from Christmas 2009
30 photos
Niagara Falls Niagara Falls
My trip to Niagara Falls while in Toronto for work.
49 photos
Around Jefferson Around Jefferson
This is an album of all the non-people stuff I photographed while in Jefferson, Texas.
41 photos
Thanksgiving 2009 Thanksgiving 2009
69 photos
Lyla's First Birthday Lyla's First Birthday
Pictures from Lyla's big day
66 photos
Baby Ava Baby Ava
Jason and Jennifer had a baby girl on November 2nd, 2009...Ava Carly. My first niece excited. She's amazing and absolutely beautiful!
15 photos
Baby Halloween 2009 Baby Halloween 2009
Lyla and Tatum get dressed up for Halloween...and photos ensue.
26 photos
Schnepf Farms 2009 Schnepf Farms 2009
Our annual visit to Schnepf Farms for their fall festival fun...
45 photos
Lyla Adventures Lyla Adventures
Lyla is crawling and generally getting around a lot now, so time for a new album for her random adventures exploring the world.
96 photos
The Diego The Diego
Vacation in San Diego with the our friends the Eeds, the Kleins, the Venders and for a bit, the Coles.
92 photos
Camping 2009 Camping 2009
Camping with my buddies Tyler and Matt
42 photos
Flagstaff and stuff Flagstaff and stuff
Some photos from our trip up to Flagstaff this weekend to watch the Arizona Cardinals training camp. Also a few shots around the house after we got home.
38 photos
Random Lyla Random Lyla
Random photos of Lyla that don't belong in an album...
35 photos
Comic Con 2009 Comic Con 2009
Still kind of wired from the trip today, so going to post the photos before I go to bed. My cousin Marshall, his step-son Wesley, and my friends Matt and Katy all joined me for a day-trip to San Diego for Comic-Con! Had a blast, but a draining experience.
31 photos
Fourth of July Fourth of July
Hanging with friends out at Tyler and Sara's house in Maricopa.
13 photos
Oklahoma Vacation Oklahoma Vacation
The Hada-Jackson family reunion in Grove, Oklahoma was this weekend and we made the trek up there to hang with everyone. Lyla's first time on a plane.
60 photos
Portland Portland
Went to Portland for a business trip and decided to get out and see some sights, so figured I'd post some photos.
39 photos
Memorial Day Weekend Memorial Day Weekend
Some pictures with Robin and her little boy Toby whom we met for dinner on Saturday night. Was great to see my old friend and meet Toby. Lyla enjoyed seeing another kid and had a great time.
16 photos
Lyla, Birthday Party, etc Lyla, Birthday Party, etc
Some pictures of Lyla from the past week, plus a few at my buddy Sam's birthday party for his 1-year old little girl.
17 photos
Mother's Day and stuff Mother's Day and stuff
Some pictures from before Mother's Day and then the day of...
19 photos
2nd Annual Sunshine Acres Olympics 2nd Annual Sunshine Acres Olympics
Howard Saccoliti, Tom Carlini and put on a second Olympics for the kids at Sunshine Acres, a home for children who for many reasons do not have fit parents to live with. We had a great time, despite the 100-105 degree temperatures!
28 photos
Lyla @ 5 1/2 months Lyla @ 5 1/2 months
Just some shots of Lyla at nearly 5 1/2 months old.
13 photos
How Hot Do You Like It Salsa Festival and stuff How Hot Do You Like It Salsa Festival and stuff
Some photos from a nice afternoon hanging with the Eeds, Kleins, Venders and of course, my girls, out in Maricopa. After hanging out for a bit, we hit the Maricopa "How Hot Do You Like It? salsa tasting festival. Was a blast!
39 photos
My Job My Job
Figured I would put an album together with pictures from various job sites and stuff, so you might get an idea of what I actually DO for a living.
17 photos
Botanical Gardens '09 Botanical Gardens '09
My mom invited us out along with my aunt and uncle to chill at the Botanical Gardens and see the Chihuly Glass Exhibit going on...which was pretty awesome. Here are some of the photos.
46 photos
Jina's birthday, Easter weekend Jina's birthday, Easter weekend
Just some photos from the weekend
19 photos
Lyla @ 4 1/2 months Lyla @ 4 1/2 months
Who else? Lyla Grace!
13 photos
Tempe Arts Festival Tempe Arts Festival
A nice outing to the Tempe Arts Festival on Mill Avenue with Jina, Lyla, my mom and step-dad. A tinge on the warm side, but Lyla was a champ and we had a great time.
23 photos
Mike and Jina Mike and Jina
Pictures of Mike and Jina randomly taken
13 photos
Lyla at Four Months Lyla at Four Months
Just a few pictures of Lyla around four months you can see, we love how cute she looks in that Bumbo.
6 photos
Lyla at three and a half months (or so) Lyla at three and a half months (or so)
26 photos
Urban Challenge 2001 Urban Challenge 2001
This is the big Urban Challenge event that Bryan Cox and I ran back in 2001. I'm posting these pictures for him because I just stumbled across them today. The race was all over central Phoenix and we had to take photos of the places we were trying to find based off of clues. Great fun! But tiring!
14 photos
Lyla Week 13 Lyla Week 13
Yes, more photos of Lyla
11 photos
Lyla at Three Months Lyla at Three Months
Not many pictures here at all, but wanted to post a few for her three-month birthday :)
6 photos
Legos Legos
Various sets of Legos I put together...because I'm still a kid at heart
17 photos
Lyla Week 12 Lyla Week 12
Photos of Lyla at 12 weeks old!
16 photos
Cardinals Super Bowl Party! Cardinals Super Bowl Party!
Our annual Super Bowl Party with the added bonus of the Cardinals!
17 photos
Lyla week 10 Lyla week 10
Not many this week, but here are a few
7 photos
Lyla at Two Months Lyla at Two Months
Here's Lyla the week of her two month birthday, or week 9!
24 photos
Lyla Week 8 Lyla Week 8
A big week for Lyla, but a small week for photos.
8 photos
Lyla smiles Lyla smiles
Lyla is getting all smiley lately and we took some photos today
7 photos
Lyla's Dedication Lyla's Dedication
Lyla's child can read more about it over on once the blog post is up!
9 photos
Lyla Week 7 Lyla Week 7
Just a few photos from week 7...not a ton, which I know, is very sad for you all
11 photos
The Taylors and Olbinskis (Lyla Week 6) The Taylors and Olbinskis (Lyla Week 6)
Jina's sister Jennifir, plus hubby Chuck and 3-year old Jackson came to visit us on New Year's Eve all the way from Memphis, Tennessee. They stayed until the 4th and we had a blast!
56 photos
Lyla Christmas Week Lyla Christmas Week
Pictures of Lyla (and us) at various Christmas events and whatnot
35 photos
Tyler's Birthday Bash Tyler's Birthday Bash
Tyler had a birthday party and so pictures were of course taken
19 photos
Lyla Week 4 Lyla Week 4
Lyla's fourth week on the planet!
22 photos
Lyla Week 3 Lyla Week 3
Just a few photos of Lyla this week...been too tired to take many pictures :)
14 photos
Lyla's Two-Week Photoshoot Lyla's Two-Week Photoshoot
Misty Michelle asked us to help her test a new setup for a newborn photoshoot and we were totally happy to do it. If you love these photos like we do, visit her site and ask her to photograph your family and kids. She is great and does an outstanding job!
12 photos
Lyla Week 2 Lyla Week 2
Some pictures of Lyla during her second week
16 photos
Lyla Week 1 Lyla Week 1
What else? Pictures of Lyla being at home for the first week
40 photos
Lyla Grace is Born Lyla Grace is Born
Photos from the day Lyla was born...November 22nd at 11:29pm, weighing in at 7lb, 8oz and standing 20 inches long.
54 photos
Baby's Room Baby's Room
Pics of our work on the baby's room
30 photos
Schnepf Farms 2008 Schnepf Farms 2008
The Lifegroup heads out to Schnepf Farms for a night of food, fun and corn field mazes
25 photos
Monsoon Sunset Monsoon Sunset
One lucky evening I had to take some pictures of the most amazing monsoon cloud I've ever seen. The fact that the sun was setting and created such a beautiful look was the only reason it looked as awesome as it did.
43 photos
Random Pics Random Pics
Stuff that doesn't fit anywhere that I like
3 photos
30th Birthday 30th Birthday
My 30th birthday hoopla...flew in Jon and Heather, and went skydiving...but the first day was too cloudy, so it turned into a big event on Sunday!
49 photos
Stuff from 2004 Stuff from 2004
Here are just some of my favorite photos of our friends, myself and Jina and whatever else I can think of from 2004.
60 photos
Mike and Tyler camping Mike and Tyler camping
Mike and Tyler head up north to get away from the heat and enjoy the cool pines n
23 photos
Baby Lyla Baby Lyla
Pictures of the coming-soon Lyla!
14 photos
Re-doing the Front Yard Re-doing the Front Yard
The grass gets too much shade to grow enough, so we're taking it out, putting in a retaining wall and some cool lighting.
20 photos
Haboob - August 2007 Haboob - August 2007
This is just some cool shots of a haboob, or dust storm, moving into town.
16 photos
The Yard The Yard
Over the years I've taken pictures of my yard to see it progress from nothing but dirt into the massive amounts of vegetation I have now. So I'm going to add a bit to this over time as things change, and also upload some very old pictures of the yard from 2001 when we moved in.
27 photos
2007 Vacation 2007 Vacation
This is our 10th wedding anniversary trip, even though 2008 is our 10th year being married. We wanted to celebrate it early when we had a chance, before kids came along.
15 photos
New Jeep New Jeep
I cut back some expensive in anticipation of the new kid on the way, so traded in the truck for a much cheaper 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport.
2 photos
Flying with Wayne and Mike Flying with Wayne and Mike
Wayne took Mike and myself up in his plane for a short hop to Payson for lunch and back. Was a blast!
8 photos
Albums 1 - 93 out of 93
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