Baby Lyla

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The side cute! Creepy alien shot looking right at her face... Arms and legs!
More of her head! Another creepy alien shot! Head with arms
Cute little arm :) A surprise 3D ultrasound we weren't expecting. The right side of the face is actually sort of covered by the umbilical cord, so it looks sort of funny :) This is a shot of her little feet
Looking right at Lyla's face Here is the sideview of her head! A new profile view from just over a week ago
A pretty good 3D shot of Lyla...the Level 2 Ultrasound Tech was great! Another cute pic of Lyla with her arm sort of wrapped around her head :)  
Photos 1 - 14 out of 14 | Back to Albums
Description: Pictures of the coming-soon Lyla!
Location: Somewhere in Chandler

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