How Hot Do You Like It Salsa Festival and stuff

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Out at the salsa festival...very windy day. Adrian and Nicky! Jina! Yes, it was windy :)
Daireth and least I am 95% sure  it's Maddy Taking a picture of someone else taking a picture is always fun
A view of the booths and stuff "Look mommy a doggie. Ooooohhh, a big doggie." - The Sandlot
Lyla somehow got a bit sideways in her car seat as we bumped around the festival Jina and Tyler in a hot debate over the quality of the most recent salsa taste-test Just so you believe we were actually tasting salsa
My girls! All of us!
Photos 16 - 30 out of 39 | Back to Albums
Description: Some photos from a nice afternoon hanging with the Eeds, Kleins, Venders and of course, my girls, out in Maricopa. After hanging out for a bit, we hit the Maricopa "How Hot Do You Like It? salsa tasting festival. Was a blast!
Location: Maricopa, the Eeds'

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