How Hot Do You Like It Salsa Festival and stuff

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Rachel loves saying "Mikey!" over and over and time I go over there, I think I'm bringing some duct tape!

Kidding, I actually love it :) I don't know what it is, but I love this pose from Adrian.
The packed salsa tasting area...was a bit nuts in there. OMG! The Cards mascot BIG RED was there, so Jina was chasing him down to get Lyla in a picture with him.  You had to be there, but it was friggin' hilarious watching Jina run around to catch up to him.
Nicky, Claire and Big Red! Finally we made Big Red pose with us, then Lyla decided her best look was the back of her head Ah, there we go.
Photos 31 - 39 out of 39 | Back to Albums
Description: Some photos from a nice afternoon hanging with the Eeds, Kleins, Venders and of course, my girls, out in Maricopa. After hanging out for a bit, we hit the Maricopa "How Hot Do You Like It? salsa tasting festival. Was a blast!
Location: Maricopa, the Eeds'

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