Memorial Day Weekend

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Lyla checking out Toby Toby loves babies he said, and it was obvious. Great kid that Toby! Lyla hanging with Robin, a friend of mine that I meant waaaaay back in like 1993 when we both worked at crazy.
Lyla loves to grab stuff now I WANT IT
Jina loves it when I take pictures of her Lyla wanted to grab Toby's face
Scott and Deb were there eating too, and I took a surprise photo of them...Deb was caught off guard :) Beautiful sunset that evening My two 'em
The obligatory self-photo...I dunno why my mouth is always open in them, but I think it's hard for me to push the button and try to smile at the same know, being Polish and all. Lyla gets her first sippy cup! Right now of course, she's just chewing on it...not sure she's exactly ready for liquids yet, but soon perhaps. Trying her first baby food...sweet potatoes! Seemed to enjoy it.
Photos 1 - 15 out of 16 | Back to Albums
Description: Some pictures with Robin and her little boy Toby whom we met for dinner on Saturday night. Was great to see my old friend and meet Toby. Lyla enjoyed seeing another kid and had a great time.
Location: Joe's Farm Grill

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