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This is a pretty awesome setup...dual 24-inch monitors....

The screens are stuff I design and build for our clients to use to control stuff, in this example, a water treatment plant. This screen is my own design. It's basically a simplistic overview of the flow of water through a plant. It starts in the upper right and flows out to the left...and chemicals and other stuff is along the way. This plant out in Gilbert, AZ is finally ready for commissioning, and thus they are flowing some water out to their storm retention basin so they can run tests on the quality of the H2O!

Gilbert glad!
Flowing out to the basin A shot of the San Tan mountains in the background...this water plant is in Gilbert, but actually called San Tan Vista WTP. Some screen captures from a video I took. This is a filter in the middle of a backwash.
Jesse, my co-worker, one of the best PLC programmers we have at my company and a good guy. Steve in the background checking out control boxes for all the filters. Uploaded a Scada screen for Kathleen to see :)
The filter level Check out these gigantic pipes that carry water to the filters. The herd following Jesse and Steve as they get trained
Jesse and Steve showing the operators a PLC panel Jesse explaining what the OIT does (Operator Interface Terminal) This is a friggin' HUGE generator. Check out the exhaust "mufflers" up top. It can power the entire plant for quite awhile in the event of a power fail.
Photos 1 - 15 out of 17 | Back to Albums
Description: Figured I would put an album together with pictures from various job sites and stuff, so you might get an idea of what I actually DO for a living.
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