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I tagged myself, but can you guess first which one I am? :) I don't even know how old I was, I think this was junior high or younger...it's my big trip to the orthodontist to get braces for the first time :)

I still remember my orthodontist was named Dr. Stieg and he loved the Suns :) This is my awesome brother Jason :) Love the Tom Chambers shirt!
Me and the bro going on a little white water rafting trip in Tennessee. Rafting on some seriously scary water, lol.

Actually, my brother almost fell over, so I knocked him out of a rapid and I ended up in the water. Good memories. Okay, this was my room back in the late 80s when the Suns were always playing the Lakers in the playoffs. I've loved them my whole life :)
Used to play for hours on the hoop on our roof...I think this thing was adjustable too, loved it! OMG, prom...not sure what year, junior or senior...no friggin' clue :) My first computer...look at the size of that cordless phone.  Good stuff.
My mom just sent me this a few minutes ago, told me I should post it on FB :)

Me on the left, my awesome brother on the right :)

This was a little before high school :) Senior trip, 1993 Senior trip, 1993 - Mikey!
Senior trip, 1993 - I was in love with Jina the whole senior trip, so I somehow ended up snapping a few photos of her :) Senior trip, 1993 Senior trip, 1993
Photos 1 - 15 out of 29 | Back to Albums
Description: Some photos from growing up, random stuff I found in my box of photos and decided to scan a few.
Location: Way back when

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