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Just an attempt to make the regular photo version of this picture of Lyla look a little weathered and older. An old rusty hinge in the backyard Some bottles on our kitchen window sill
This photo is a bit odd in the way the foreground objects are in focus but Lyla isn't...but I still like seeing her little head back there ;) Posted this in the other album...just cropped and colored a bit since it was already kind of out of focus October 12 - If only I had a nice Porsche or something to make this photo even better, but I guess my 10-year old Solara will have to do. 

Actually, the fading paint on the front of the car makes for some interesting textures.
October 12th - This gate leads nowhere, but is kind of cool looking. It's on the side of the Macayo's on Central. Spikey wheel at Joe's Farm Grill A lamp?
A vegetation-less garden *Picture in Picture*

The little photo in this picture is of Lyla looking out the same window a few months ago. I took it with my Blackberry and thus it's not great quality, so I thought it would be fun to pose this photo at the same spot Lyla was sitti My little jade plant on the window sill of my office
This is my first attempt at an "HDR" looks a bit vivid or unreal maybe? Not as crazy as some other HDRs I've seen, but it's definitely different looking. I liked this abandoned house so along with the HDR photo I tried to give it a weathered, old look. Curious what people think of it. Took this photo of a sort of abandoned truck that some kids have turned into art.
Photos 1 - 15 out of 83 | Back to Albums
Description: This is a photo gallery of photos I take and then likely will apply post-processing for visual effects. While taking the right picture is awesome and an art tough to learn, you can also do a lot in post-processing with Photoshop, etc., and bring an average photo to life. Hoping I can do a little of that here and see what kind of response I get.
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