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PDX....they have some funny acronym for their airport, like Popular, Delightful and Extraordinary...I thought it was cheesy, but loved the airport. Mount Hood off in the distance...I got a bit closer to it because I took a few wrong turns. Crossing the bridge into Portland
View from my hotel The Trailblazers - The Beer? No idea...Googled it, still no idea
Powell's Book City...this place was ginormous... This shot is MAYBE 1/20 of the entire store...it's massive...you've never seen that many books before. Didn't know there was another Buffalo Exchange
PF Changs...almost ate there for dinner, but thought that would be a cop out Cool shot of downtown Sitting in the bar area of Deschute's Brewery...awesome beer, great dinner
The outside of Deschutes The Hawthorne Bridge over the Willamette River flowing through Portland
Photos 1 - 15 out of 39 | Back to Albums
Description: Went to Portland for a business trip and decided to get out and see some sights, so figured I'd post some photos.
Location: Around Portland

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