Re-doing the Front Yard

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The first step - pulling the rock out and taking out the brick border. Did this last weekend. It's the weekend after the first picture, and I've pretty far. Dug out the surrounding grass area to just a lower dirt level for the rocks, started laying the retaining wall stones Another shot
From above From the walkway All the way to the post...
From the driveway Starting up again this weekend...finished laying out the first layer of bricks and went to buy more, plus some plants and lighting. Another view of what is left to do
All the stones are laid, the dirt is leveled for the most part. Planted the new shrubs and bushes, which consisted of a sea green juniper, three lantana and three rosemarys and a lily. Here is a shot of the lily...I love these spikey little plants.
Almost done All the lighting is now in, and the rocks spread out Another view...all that is left to do is put some bark or some kind of mulch down to give it a finished lool
Photos 1 - 15 out of 20 | Back to Albums
Description: The grass gets too much shade to grow enough, so we're taking it out, putting in a retaining wall and some cool lighting.
Location: My house

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