Stuff from 2004

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Jina really makes this picture work...I'm not sure what I'm doing in it :)
I know Jon will love this picture of his old truck, which we maneuvered very carefully up on that rock :) A couple of elk we spotted
The night we made salsa...that was a messy night More mess Jina chopping up jalepenos...
Jon and Heather sampling our awesome (or just okay) salsa The most infamous event ever in the history of poker night at the Olbinski's house. Heather scores a ROYAL FLUSH and didn't even know it! But she was soooo excited afterwards... The Royal Flush...just for you Heather
Playing the awesome game of SMUT up in Carefree on a church retreat Heather is sad because she's about to get SMUTTED by Gina Bolenbaugh OH NO!
Photos 31 - 45 out of 60 | Back to Albums
Description: Here are just some of my favorite photos of our friends, myself and Jina and whatever else I can think of from 2004.
Location: Arizona

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