Tempe Arts Festival

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We had to feed Lyla before we walked down to the festival...and she kind of fell asleep. But woke up soon after! Lyla saying hello to Oma!
Always fun to catch your wife with food in her mouth More food, I love it! Thought the bricks in the background were too perfect to pass up taking pictures. Lyla loved this shady spot under the big  Ficus trees
Such a happy little baby Gimme hug! Yum
Lyla loves to look at trees (wonder where she gets that from?) and really enjoyed looking up at the huge Ficus trees down there on Mill Thought this puppy was incredibly cute Me wearing my new Tide shirt which is from their Loads of Hope program, all proceeds help victims of disasters...

Goofball Just a shot of the festival, with Sun Devil Stadium in the background
Photos 1 - 15 out of 23 | Back to Albums
Description: A nice outing to the Tempe Arts Festival on Mill Avenue with Jina, Lyla, my mom and step-dad. A tinge on the warm side, but Lyla was a champ and we had a great time.
Location: Tempe, AZ

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