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Took me 85 snaps of the camera to get this one...even though the lightning was non-stop. From 2004...some spooky, low hanging clouds Some good monsoon this one, you can see a tiny airplane in the middle of it...showing just how big it is :)
This is just a nice shot This photo I sent in to one day and it actually got published on their user submitted weather photos. I love the's just amazing. A big winter storm came through and dumped hail...back in 2005 The rear end of the nasty storm cell that dumped hail...
Another shot of the front of it. Another rear angle Hail dumped all over Scott's truck
Some hail in the backyard
Awesome storm cell unloading a lot of rain This was looking straight up from my house Rainbows on the day before Thanksgiving, 2008
Photos 1 - 15 out of 121 | Back to Albums
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