Work Trip to Holland: Bruges, Belgium

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The last shot I took before leaving Bruges Almost there, but we got sidetracked in Damme first, a beautiful little town. Damme
This was a churches graveyard...have a lot more shots of the church but plan on HDR versions, so check the blog! - Damme Damme Damme
Damme Damme Damme
Jan Van Dyke My co-workers ahead of me
This was the church in the movie In Bruges, which is totally worth seeing.
Photos 1 - 15 out of 130 | Back to Albums
Description: I took so many photos of Belgium that I couldn't squeeze them into the other Holland album I have on here because it only holds 200 photos! I loved Bruges so much, had to make it a separate album ;)
Location: Bruges, Belgium

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